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St Enoch on Argyle Street

St Enoch success

The major redevelopment of the St Enoch centre is one of the recent landmark achievements in continuing to develop Glasgow's strong retail offering.

Glasgow's reputation as one of the UK's premier shopping locations has been further enhanced through a series of ambitious retail schemes.

Throughout the last decade new retail business opportunities have continued to brign visitors to the city and generate new employment for local residents.

Developments such as the St Enoch Centre have helped raise the profile of Glasgow and Scotland even further and ensure the waterfront's place at the heart of our economy.

Glasgow City Centre / Retail

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Project Name District Category Status
1-3 Atlantic Square IFSD Commercial, Leisure, Retail Planning
220 Broomielaw IFSD Commercial, Retail Planning
Britannia Panopticon Merchant City Leisure, Public Amenity, Retail Construction
Cathcart Road Gorbals Commercial, Housing, Leisure, Retail Planning
Evolution Oswald Street IFSD Commercial, Retail Construction
Howard Street Hotel Custom House Quay Leisure, Retail Planning
Jamaica Street car park Custom House Quay Public Amenity, Retail Completed
Laurieston local development strategy Laurieston Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Leisure, Public Amenity, Retail Construction
Metropole Custom House Quay Housing, Retail Completed
Oregon Street Gorbals Housing, Retail Completed