Education resources

This valuable educational resource is designed to support teachers in the Clyde Waterfront area and to connect local young people with all the exciting developments happening along the river.

Explore our cross-curricular themes to find lesson outlines and project ideas that will help young people see the relevance of their learning.

Make the most of this series of resources, designed with Curriculum for Excellence vey much in mind.

Resources may be downloaded, reproduced, published, modified or manipulated for educational purposes only.

1967 Dumbarton Road, modern and traditional tenement flats


A diverse collection of lesson plans including everything from designing a house to Clyde-inspired jewellery design.

The Clyde Auditorium

Arts and Culture

Uses creative ideas to get to grips with arts and culture themes, using the river as a central thread.

The Squiggly Bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow's IFSD


A diverse collection of lesson plans including everything from designing a house to Clyde-inspired jewellery design.

Clydesiders on Bells Bridge

Clyde Community

Looks at who lived near the Clyde and who lives there now.

Wildlife in Bowling Basin

Environmental Impact

Looks at the the environmental issues of development on and around the river.

The Saltings in Old Kilpatrick is part of the green network

Green networks

Explores the green spaces along the Clyde, with opportunities to design a green space and look at the importance of a green network for regeneration.

Families at play on Glasgow Green


Covers health and wellbeing topics and encourages students to make informed choices about their own lives.

Homes at Lomondgate, Dumbarton


Looks at eco housing and houses of the future as well as local regeneration issues.

Shipping on the River Clyde

River Basin

Covers the canalisation of the Clyde; flood risks and prevention, and: water quality and habitat.

The SV Glenlee and other leisure craft on the River Clyde

River use

Provides practical projects that will help students explore how the river can benefit local communities.

Tourists at Glasgow Green admire the cherry blossom

Tourism and leisure

Delves into tourism and leisure themes, taking inspiration from the river and providing a range of cross-curricular ideas.

Cycle path at Braehead, Renfrew Riverside


Provides a route to developing local transport knowledge, by creating maps and guides of the Clyde Waterfront area.