Clyde Waterfront in the press

Clyde Waterfront coverage in the media

A selection of snippets from articles about Clyde Waterfront, as reported in the press, with links where available.

The Herald 3 November 2011

Riverside investment flowing in

The transformation of Scotland's urban waterfronts has led to more than £4 billion of investment, with almost the same amount again predicted to be generated in the next five to 10 years.

A major international conference in Glasgow heard that in the last decade projects along the Clyde, Tay and Forth rivers have seen significant private and public sector investment.

Clyde waterfront development is said to have been Scotland's most successful, raising £3.5bn in investments for a 13-mile stretch.


The Evening Times 3 November 2011

£3.5bn Rebirth of Clyde

In less than a decade the regeneration of the city's waterfront has triggered billions of pounds of investment and created thousands of jobs.

Breathing new life into the banks of the river has so far triggered £2bn of investment with another £1.5bn committed, and generated more 20,000 new jobs, 9000 new homes and 250 projects by the public and private sectors.

By 2028, it's predicted that regeneration work has the potential to 50,000 jobs, 24,000 new homes and millions of metres of office, industrial, retail and leisure space.

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Evening Times 14 September 2010

Waterbus Service extended on the Clyde

A waterbus service on the River Clyde in Glasgow has been so successful it has been extended for a further five weeks. Hamish Munro, Clyde Cruises managing director, said "The success of the service this summer proves there is a demand from people to travel on the river and we very much hope this is the starto f bigger things to come in future years."

The Riverlink service is supported by Clyde Waterfront and Glasgow City Council


The Drum 2 June 2010

New Clyde Waterfront website

A new website has launched for Clyde Waterfront, the public sector partnership supporting the River Clyde's revitalisation as a world class waterfront location.

The new site includes a project timeline for the unfolding progress of the Clyde Waterfront regeneration, a live Twitter feed to inform audiences of latest developments in real time and enhanced information on over 250 individual regeneration projects. It also offers a fully searchable database where visitors can view more detail on the projects and also locate them on an interactive map.


Evening Times 25th May 2010

Going shopping doon the watter

Passengers will be able to travel from the Broomielaw to Braehead when the River Clyde is used to link the centre of the city with the Renfrewshire shopping destination, via Pacific Quay.

Clyde Cruises plans to run the service five days a week using the 33-seater ferry MV Fencer. The River Link service will offer return fares ranging from £2 to £6. A one-way trip will take 30 minutes.

If the service is a success then a bigger boat is likely to be brought to the Clyde, says managing director Hamish Munro.

He said: "A successful experience of operating this summer could lead to the introduction of a large clipper-style catamaran on the route in subsequent years."


Evening Times  and Glasgwegian 3 March 2010

Pupils push the boat out

Pupils at a Glasgow school are on the crest of a wave after winning a competition to promote educational boat trips on the Clyde.

The two youngsters from Holyrood Secondary were over the moon at winning Clyde Waterfront's "classrooms on the Clyde" competition, in which they had to create advertising material and a jingle.

The top team of Leanne Andrew and Amy McAleer, both 12, won tickets for a boat trip on the Clyde later this year.

The winners took part in the competition with more than 400 other first-year pupils at the South Side school.

Groups of pupils in each of the 14 classes came up with ideas and the 14 'finalist groups' presented their schemes to a panel of experts, who chose the overall winning entry.

Leanne said: "We all really loved doing it. It was a lot of fun, a lot of hard work as well, but everyone did a great job, and I am just so excited that we won.

"We were totally shocked and stunned."


Times Educational Supplement Scotland 2 October 2009

The classroom on the Clyde trips have been relaunched, following a successful season.

Marrianne Brady, principal teacher of social studies, Holyrood High School said, "There is no doubt that this educational resource does a great job in raising awareness of the past, present and future of this vital artery of Glasgow and Scotland."


Financial Times 2 September 2009

Clyde Waterfront gains £2bn momentum

Clyde Waterfront will benefit from more than £2bn of committed public and private investment over the next three years, at a time when other regeneration schemes across Europe have been stalled by the recession. That is the upbeat conclusion of an economic analysis of the Clyde project, which has been running for five years and has already created 17,000 jobs and nearly 6,000 homes.

Liz Connolly, of Scottish Enterprise, the government-funded development body, said: "Compared to most other parts of the UK, we are fortunate to have a large number of publicly funded infrastructure projects along the river that will not only help us maintain momentum in the short term but also create the most attractive environment to attract further private investment in the future."

These public projects include a £445m extension of the M74; a £125m National Arena; a £74m Riverside Museum; and an £842m expansion of the Southern General Hospital.

The Herald 20 July 2009

Clyde Waterfront scheme to receive £2bn state help

The Clyde Waterfront is to have more than £2bn of largely public money pumped into it over the next three years, according to a study of the development, which will help protect the area from the economic downturn.

A study by consultancy GEN for the Clyde Waterfront, the strategic partnership co-ordinating the regeneration of both banks of the river along a 13-mile stretch from Glasgow Green to Dumbarton, estimates that since 2003 more than 17,000 jobs have been created thanks to £1.46bn of investment of which £1.1bn, some 75%, is from the private sector.

The news comes as Scottish Enterprise said it is inviting developers and marina operators to put forward expressions of interest in developing the five-hectare site of water and land at Glasgow's Canting Basin on the Clyde.


The Herald 24 March 2009

Campaign launched to transform 13-mile stretch of Clyde

The Renfrewshire sites in the guide highlight how we have sought to link old and new, from the heritage artwork in Clyde View Park, to the restoration of the historic Bascule Bridge and the riverside walkway which links Braehead with the Renfrew Ferry.

"These elements have reintroduced a forgotten Clyde to residents and allow visitors to enjoy new developments while being reminded of the importance of the river and its past."

Derek Mackay, leader of Renfrewshire Council

Evening Times, 23 March 2009

Two Faces of Clyde

""Successful regeneration involves linking the past and the future and whether you are a first-time visitor to the area or a local with the Clyde on your doorstep, there is something in this guide for everyone.

"Alongside the spectacular new developments that are taking place along the Clyde, this guide reminds us of how fascinating and significant the history of the river really is."

Steven Purcell, chair of Clyde Waterfront Strategic Partnership and leader of Glasgow City Council.

STV, 16 March 2009

Squiggly Bridge Unveiled

"I do think its shape is appealing and quite impressive if you are looking directly on to it. The hope is that this will make the waterfront area a much more thriving and vibrant place."

Mark Barton, Marketing Manager, Clyde Waterfront

Evening Times, 2 September 2008

Japanese learn from Glasgow

"The request by the Japanese delegation to see and learn from the regeneration of the Clyde underlines the international reputation of our project.

"It also shows what has already been achieved since its inception just a few years ago in terms of attracting new developers, high profile businesses and residents to the waterfront area." Mark Barton, Marketing Manager, Clyde Waterfront

Glasgow Herald 17th June 2008

Floating classroom on the Clyde

"I really want to be a civil engineer now, after doing this project."  Rei Gashi, 12, St Stephen's Primary, Sighthill

Evening Times 17th June 2008

Lessons for kids will be plain sailing

"The kind of innovative teaching that will be the way ahead for education in this country." Moreen Smith, educationalist involved in developing the new resources

"I wanted the kids to understand how the Clyde had shaped Glasgow from a cultural and social perspective." Clare Harker, Kings' Park Secondary

Times Educational Supplement 4th July 2008

A river runs through it

"We were learning about the bridges on the Clyde and building our own in class. A team of engineers came out to our school. Then we visited their offices. There were hardly any women. But from what I've seen, women can do the job just as well as men. I fancy being a civil engineer." Emma Campbell, P7, St Stephens Primary.