Housing developments in Glasgow

Laurieston under construction


The provision of new housing has been one of the key elements in regeneration.

People and communities were right at the heart of Clyde Waterfront regeneration throughout the project and a series of residential housing projects have made the city centre a more attractive place to live.

A number of new housing developments in Glasgow have helped people recognise the advantages of living and working in Glasgow. Apartments of all shapes and sizes are available, offering the best in modern contemporary living.

Glasgow City Centre / Housing

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Project Name District Category Status
Adelphi Court Gorbals Housing Completed
Ballater St / Waddell St Gorbals Housing Completed
Cathcart Road Gorbals Commercial, Housing, Leisure, Retail Planning
Cuprum IFSD Commercial, Housing Completed
Friary Court Gorbals Housing Completed
Fusion IFSD Housing Completed
Jamaica St Student Accommodation Custom House Quay Housing Construction
Laurieston local development strategy Laurieston Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Leisure, Public Amenity, Retail Construction
Merchant Building Merchant City Commercial, Housing Completed
Metropole Custom House Quay Housing, Retail Completed