Bowling Harbour and The Saltings

  • Bowling Harbour
  • Plan of green network at Bowling harbour
  • The Saltings local nature reserve

Green Network LogoKEY PROPOSALS:

Bowling Harbour

  • Using an existing redundant railway bridge to create a linear park walkway - helping to connect the harbour to the national cycle network.
  • Open space and public realm work associated with the mouth of the harbour. This could include both a picnic area and children's play area along with more formal public realm improvements.
  • Areas of intensified tree planting to improve the setting of the canal.

The Saltings

  • A potential boardwalk through the existing nature reserve to improve the visitor experience.
  • An area of wetland creation and reed bed planting
  • Two potential wildlife viewing platforms, using existing unused slipways.

This project is part of the Clyde Waterfront Green Network

Lead Partner: British Waterways

Other Partners: West Dunbartonshire Council

Project History
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  • Bowling Basin
  • Bowling Harbour
  • Plan of green network at Bowling harbour
  • Plan of green network at The Saltings
  • View of the Erskine Bridge from The Saltings
  • Enjoying a walk at The Saltings
  • Aerial view of Bowling Basin and Harbour


Old Kilpatrick to Dumbarton


The proposals at Bowling Harbour and The Saltings respond to the semi-natural landscaping nature of the area.

They seek to strengthen the leisure offer of Bowling Harbour and the recreational and ecology function of the Saltings Local Nature Reserve.

Converting the old railway bridge at Bowling Harbour into a walkway will be important for developing connections and the plans for The Salting will continue to develop this important Local Nature Reserve.

Current status:

Identified as strategic project. Next steps to be agreed.


by 2020