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Golspie Street apartments in Govan

Govan Housing

The Central Govan Action Plan has developed a number of housing projects which will help to transform the centre of Govan.

The Clyde Waterfront partnership has worked hard to ensure that the river corridor is a thriving residential location.

The work at Glasgow Harbour is among our most ambitious housing projects, creating hundreds of stunning new riverside homes. The regeneration of this brownfield site has attracted enormous interest and the area looks set to become one of the most popular residential locations on the Clyde.


Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour / Housing

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Project Name District Category Status
10 Elderpark Street Govan Housing Completed
200 Old Dumbarton Road Partick Housing Completed
Aboukir Street Linthouse Housing Completed
Byron Street WhiteInch Housing Completed
Central Govan action plan Govan Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Leisure, Public Amenity, Retail Construction
CGAP Housing Projects Govan Housing Completed
East Govan & Ibrox phase 1 at Kintra St Govan Housing Completed
Elderpark Street and Langlands Road Govan Housing Completed
Ferry Road Yorkhill Housing Completed
Garmouth Street Govan Commercial, Housing Completed