New South Glasgow Hospital Campus

Mark McAllister, Community Engagement Manager for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde discusses the potential contribution that the Southern General development can play in regenerating the Clyde Waterfront and in particular, the Greater Govan area.

The New South Glasgow Hospital campus project will be the largest single NHS hospital build project ever undertaken in Scotland, costing circa £840 million. This includes investment in internal roadways, public transport infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical equipment. The campus will include a new children's hospital, new adult hospital and laboratory development, each significant projects in their own right.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde recognises the important role the NHS plays in local communities beyond the provision of healthcare facilities and services. In relation to the new South Glasgow Hospitals, the board has adopted an approach that seeks to engage patients in the design of the new hospitals but also engages communities in the broader campus development, maximising the opportunities from NHSGG&C's investment.

The redevelopment of the Southern General site is seen as a catalyst for wider economic and social regeneration activity, contributing positively to the physical development of the local area, the South West economy and that of the wider locality.


Employment and community benefit

The construction of the new hospitals will support approximately 2500 jobs and once complete in 2015 will contribute £30 to £40 million to the South West Glasgow economy. Given the current economic climate NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde recognises the need to utilise its infrastructure investment in South West Glasgow effectively to support and sustain business and jobs in the local economy.

Through incorporating community benefits considerations in the procurement of the new hospitals, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde  is seeking to ensure that as far as possible, a significant proportion of the investment is retained in the local economy, supporting local businesses, sustaining local employment and creating new training and employment opportunities.


Working in partnership

Of critical importance is ensuring that communities and businesses in Greater Govan are equipped with the right skills to benefit from the opportunities presented by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde's investment.

However, this can only be achieved if public and private sector partners work collaboratively to maximise the economic impact of the development and ensure that benefits are retained in the local economy.

This includes working with the education sector to develop skills, with the housing sector to improve access to affordable housing, with the economic development sector to support business growth and training and employment.

All of the above activity is underway but there is a need to maintain momentum and build on the progress we have made to date.


Attracting investment

The iconic design for the new hospitals will invigorate a neglected part of the city bringing much needed investment to an area largely untouched by the significant regeneration activity underway or planned along the waterfront.

There are already signs that public and private sector investment will follow with a number of planning applications submitted and projects in the pipeline. As the campus development comes on stream this will increase confidence and provide a degree of certainty to partners, private and public, attracting new investment.


A landmark for the future

Once complete, the South Glasgow Campus will be a landmark development and an asset in marketing the city as a location for investment, particular in the areas of bio-medical, life sciences and research industries. Scotland and Glasgow has attracted significant investment in these industries over the years.

The potential for the South Glasgow Campus to contribute to Glasgow's competitiveness in these sectors will only be realised if the physical environment is conducive to supporting these new industries. Therefore, partner's investment priorities need to be focussed on delivering the necessary infrastructure to facilitate future development.

Evidence from other parts of the UK provides a template for Glasgow. Major NHS infrastructure projects in Watford and at Guys and St Thomas Hospitals in London have been characterised by close collaboration across the public  and private sector. As a result, this has secured additional investment to develop residential, leisure, business and infrastructure projects and synergies across partner's investment priorities.

Given the economic climate, this will remain a major challenge. However, if Greater Govan and the Clyde Waterfront are to realise their potential, it is an opportunity that we can't afford to miss.

Mark McAllister
Community Engagement Manager
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

25 January 2010

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