Woodwork bookend

Enterprising approach to a craft project which involves a local craftsman who will provide learners with the design brief and assess work produced.  Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of both design and wood work and consider how their local environment can be used as inspiration. Part of the brief will be to consider recycled materials and locally sourced material in their product.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Subject knowledge is gained and enhanced through a meaningful and challenging brief 
• Employability skills enhanced through team work, planning, organisation, time management, researching and presenting 
• Confidence of working independently from teacher-led lessons, demonstrated through accepting challenge of design brief and fulfilling the task 
• Learners take responsibility for their learning through making reasoned decisions about the design which most influences them as an individual 
• Learners were able to evaluate each others work by creating a safe environment where criticism is seen as a positive and not a negative 
• Learners have developed enterprising skills identified as 4 capacities of CfE

Relevance to curriculum

• Core skills which can be used across the curriculum are developed through design project 
• Relevance of how curriculum topic is reinforced through a fun and relevant learning topic

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