Environmental impact support materials

Use these support materials to explore environmental impact issues and how they relate to the Clyde.

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Environmental impact theme briefing Short theme briefing on this topic. PDF (27 KB)
West Dunbartonshire's Environmental Charter Policy statement on the environment from West Dunbartonshire Council. Web link
River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust this website includes information on management of the River Clyde to ensure it is a safe environment for fish Web link
Sustainable Housing Design Guide Published by Communities Scotland this set of documents gives advice to those designing new homes on making them sustainable Web link
Aalborg charter Since the Aalborg +10 conference in Aalborg 2004 almost 500 local governments have signed up to the Aalborg Commitments and the number is still increasing. The Aalborg charter is a commitment to sustainable development. Web link
Biodiversity Scotland This website includes a page of useful education links for environmental issues. Web link
Renfrewshire - Climate Change Press release from Renfrewshire Council Web link
Glasgow - Sustainable Development An overview of the wide range of activities relating to environmental protection and enhancement that are currently being carried out or supported by Glasgow City Council. Web link
GCV Green Network Partnership The GCV Green Network Partnership share a vision to connect all quarters of the Glasgow metropolitan region with the range and quality of greenspace that is required of a vibrant growing city in the 21st Century for the benefit of people, visitors and wildlife Web link
Scottish Natural Heritage SNH works with Scotland's people to care for the natural heritage: the wildlife, habitats, rocks, landscapes and natural beauty of Scotland. Web link
Scottish Environment Protection Agency SEPA is Scotland's environmental regulator and adviser, responsible to the Scottish Parliament through Ministers. As well as their role in controlling pollution, they work with others to protect and improve our environment. Web link