Urban animals

This project will develop the learners' understanding of the wildlife that exists within their local environment. Pupils will begin by learning about urban wildlife through teacher-led class discussion and continue with further research on the topic (via the internet, books, business links, school trips etc), collating their knowledge in order to produce a multi-media display which can be demonstrated at a school assembly/parents' night/community event.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Subject knowledge of local wildlife and environment gained and enhanced 
• Employability skills enhanced - application of knowledge in a real situation by research, discussion, group work, ICT, planning, co-operating, producing, presenting 
• Confidence of working independently from teacher-led lessons demonstrated by independent working and group work 
• Pupils take responsibility for their learning through making decisions about what to research, what to write about, what work is included in the display, what content the display will contain, what media form the display will take 
• Learners have developed enterprising skills identified as 4 capacities of CfE

Relevance to curriculum

• Supports CfE Social Studies 
• Relevant to key elements of a Curriculum for Excellence 
• Relevant to Enterprise in Education criteria

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