Design a Clyde waterfront building

Through knowledge and understanding of the architecture of buildings around the Clyde, learners will choose three elements of existing Clydeside architecture to house an amenity of their choice and produce a new or extended structure. Working in groups of three each learner should be responsible for choosing one attribute to influence the group's building plans to suit the needs of Clydeside residents.

Broad Outcomes of learning

•Subject knowledge gained and enhanced 
• Enterprise skills developed/Curriculum for Excellence: working on research in small teams to produce final product, self evaluating, problem solving 
• Research and communication skills enhanced through practical work, exploration and application of research methods, survey of amenities and architecture which exists around the Clyde 
• Learners gain ownership of project through taking decisions 
• Self-confidence and sense of responsibility are developed through sense of ownership, decisions about architectural qualities of new building, completing the task to a high standard

Relevance to curriculum

• Permeates various curricular areas - ICT, Art, PSD, Language, and Enterprise Education, Environmental Studies - People in Society 
• Purposeful use of communication skills, sense of ownership and responsibility, ICT and Art and design skills in a true-to-life context

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