Building design

By researching examples of architecture over the years along the waterfront, learners have to make reasoned decisions about what influences them and design a two point perspective building.  The buildings can range from ship building, to the Glasgow Science Centre or land fill which is now SECC.  Look at building shapes and how they have changed depending on their usage, such as listed buildings which are now used commercially. Linking with Social Studies will allow the learners to look at changing styles and uses to fit with community needs. Learners exhibit their work for parents' evening and then in local community venue.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Subject knowledge on drawing is gained and enhanced through putting subject knowledge into a real life setting 
• Learners learn about their local amenities, whilst undertaking a research and design challenge 
• Develop employability skills communication, evaluating, planning, organisation, delegation, time management, researching, contributing, 
• Confidence of working independently from teacher-led lessons demonstrated through self-evaluation

Relevance to curriculum

• Learners will develop knowledge learned through CfE Technology topic through a differentiated challenge 
• Learners will be provided with a platform from which links with other curricular areas can be formed

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