Clyde Waterfront projects

Swan Canopy, Clydebank

Projects timeline

See at a glance some of the major developments that have been completed and others that are planned before 2025.

This ambitious urban renewal project has brought significant regeneration to the River Clyde - physical and economic transformation that can put the River Clyde back at the heart of Scotland.

From Glasgow Green to Dumbarton, a huge number and variety of exciting developments have been taking place along the riverfront. Urban renewal has brought jobs, new environments and new oppportunities to both banks of the river.

Over the period 2003-14 since the start of the Clyde Waterfront partnership, some 10,000 residential units, 250,000 sq m of office floorspace and 73,000 sq m of retail floorspace have been completed. Looking ahead, these totals are expected to more than double by 2025 as the momentum created by regeneration continues.

Information on Clyde Waterfront developments was gathered and maintained on this website for the duration of the Clyde Waterfront project. Information was last updated in March 2014.

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