Clydebank Re-built assets go to council

27 Jan 2014

Councillors at West Dunbartonshire Council have agreed to buy out Clydebank Re-built at a cost of £800,000, meaning the local authority will now be responsible for ­future regeneration of the area.

Regeneration agency Clydebank Re-built was set up in 2002 by West Dunbartonshire Council and Scottish Enterprise.

Its aim was to spearhead economic, social and physical regeneration following the closure of the John Brown's shipyard site.

Over a decade, it received £54 million in funding from a number of organisations including the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, the council and the EU.

One of the most high-profile projects carried out by Clydebank Re-built was the decision to buy 10 acres of the John Brown's site and to refurbish the Titan Crane at a cost of almost £4m.

A visitor and education complex was created and the shipyard land was decontaminated.

Source: Evening Times - Clyde cash runs out


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