Translation for Business

The project will allow the learners to further develop and reinforce the language and structures they have been using throughout the tourism project. As part of their research the learners will visit hotels to gather the information required to be translated. The learners will then work in groups, with each group working on a particular theme. i.e. signs for the hotels or information about checking in and out, using the phone, fire drill explanations etc.

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Subject knowledge gained and enhanced
  • Real context developed language, social, and employability skills
  • Developed enterprising skills such as working in a team, co-operating, taking responsibility and ownership of project, self-awareness, negotiating
  • Employability skills such as ICT and administrative skills gained through internet research and presentation of translated documentation and through visits to business
  • Career options highlighted through visits and discussions with businesses
  • Cross curricular links established
  • Independent learning skills gained through organisation, time management, presenting, researching, self-evaluation
  • Real application of knowledge where feedback was received from business and customers

Relevance to curriculum

  • Develops language, translation and dictionary skills both in the foreign language and English
  • Cross curricular
  • Relevant to the four key factors of CfE
  • Relevance of seeing a project being used in the real world

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