You choose - it's your future!

Eventually students will be faced with many choices, including which career to pursue, where to live and what schools their children should attend. The geography of a city, its government and the available services may not seem important now, but these will be very important issues as adults. This lesson places students in the future and allows them to choose where to live by examining the city's government, services and location.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Use knowledge gained in core skills in a real life application 
• The ability to make informed life and work related decisions 
• Enterprising skills - independence, self-aware, decision making, responsibility 
• Employability skills through managing time, communicating effectively, using research and gathering information skills

Relevance to curriculum

•Developing an understanding of individual and social needs and the relationship to economic factors 
• Use technology skills to create a brochure, read maps and do research using various sources 
• Improve maths skills by estimating, measuring, mapping, etc. 
• Practice creative writing 
• Improve understanding of local authorities, services and size and location

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