Story telling on history of local community

Pupils work collaboratively on the pages of the book to tell a story about a set of characters. They base their imaginative work on images of the Clydeside communities and what they know of the characters from their shared reading. Examples of characters could be shipyard workers, writers, artists, engineers, shipping, tobacco, importers and exporters.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• The ability to structure a chronological narrative using their understanding of characters and plot from fiction using a word processor to write text 
• Increased awareness of the use and benefits of ICT 
• Developed enterprise skills and addressed 4 capacities of ACfE- confidence, independence 
• Developed employability skills e.g. communication, working with others, negotiation and co-operation, managing time and deadlines

Relevance to curriculum

• The work will cover part of the Language and ICT curriculum guidelines, applying learning in a real context. Links with other curricular areas are very easily incorporated. Pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of subjects and gain enterprising and employability skills for life and work 
• There is great potential to make links through internet/web with other classes, schools, communities and countries using this approach and topic as a basis