Shipbuilding: a drama performance

Learners will create, write and present a performance based on history of shipbuilding using music, dance and dialogue to convey the rise and fall of shipbuilding in the Clyde and explore the current shipyards.   There is also an opportunity to use photo images if the technology is available. The concept is to use imagery emotively to tell the story of shipbuilding.

Learners will research shipbuilding, shipyards, shipyard workers, strikes and the eventual decline of the shipyards. They will explore a variety of expressive media to convey these images to the audience; for example percussion for the hammering and clanging of the tools in the yard, dance for the movement of the cranes, drama to re enact shipyard scenes and photographs accompanied by music to enhance the story. Learners will perform this to invited guests, parents, schoolmates and staff.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Learners will have gained knowledge and understanding of Clyde shipbuilding and its cultural and financial significance for the communities on the Clyde 
• Learners have worked in teams to research and develop ideas and together, place these ideas in the context of a performance. Learners will develop audience awareness 
• Learners have had an opportunity to develop employability skills including communication, research, planning, organisation, presenting, co-operating and reporting 
• Confidence of working independently has been developed through pupils taking responsibility for areas of research and through appropriate participation in improvisation tasks 
• Learners will have demonstrated responsibility for their own learning by engaging in research tasks, bringing findings to the group, improvising using the research findings and reporting back to the class 
• Learners have developed enterprising skills identified as 4 capacities of CfE

Relevance to curriculum

• Supports 5-14 Expressive Arts and Language 
• This topic is relevant to aspects of the above curricula in the real context of using words, movement and music to highlight real issues in a real context

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