CSI Glasgow

Learners will be members of the CSI Glasgow team and analyse the white powder and provide a report for the police.  The police will then use it to decide if the man is to be charged with drug trafficking.
Brief: police drug squad have been given a tip off that a shipment of drugs will be coming into Glasgow using a foreign registered ship. They arrive at the riverside near Govan and the only person there is a young male. He tries to run away, but is arrested by the police. On searching his pockets, they find a small quantity of a white powder. His jacket is removed from him and bagged for forensic analysis by the elite CSI Glasgow team, based at the University of Strathclyde.

Broad Outcomes of learning

Learners will provide a report of sufficiently high standard to allow others (the police) to: 
• Understand the relevance of each test 
• Understand the outcome of each test 
• Follow their reasoning for their final conclusion 
• Decide if there is sufficient evidence for the information to be passed onto the Procurator Fiscal, possibly leading to the suspect being charged 
Learners will be required to deliver their report in front of others, as could happen in a court room.

Relevance to curriculum

• Forensic Chemistry is simply good analytical chemistry. Learners will be applying knowledge gained from research or from previous coursework. The knowledge required to carry out the analysis and provide an accurate report is contained within CfE science 
• Learners will have to justify their conclusion regarding the white powder- provide relevant results to back their conclusion

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