Community focused reporting

Learners construct a one page newspaper article on the developments including the pros and cons for the community. Stimulus would come from news items about the Clyde Waterfront regeneration and the article would be aimed at communities along the Clyde. Working in groups, each individual can take a different aspectsof the development to be covered, to produce a full newspaper type document (for example, focus on the effect on the young people in the area).

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Clearer understanding of community around them and the decision making process 
• Application of their learning in language, social studies, etc. in a real context 
• Ability to effectively use the internet to research critically 
• Develop a deeper knowledge of ICT 
• Develop employability skills e.g. work in teams - co-operating, negotiating, communicating 
• Develop personal skills e.g. self-awareness, responsibility, independence, creativity

Relevance to curriculum

• Using core learning skills, pupils will apply the knowledge gained in language, writing and ICT in a real context. The content, which is based around the local community and the Clyde Waterfront regeneration, will link curricular areas such as Social Studies, Expressive Arts and Technology 
• Learners will gain invaluable learning about themselves and their communities, developing extensive life and work skills 
• There are a huge number of opportunities to promote the learners, the school and the local community on an ongoing basis through this activity

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