The design process - bridges of the future

This lesson/project idea will provide learners with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of bridges and structures, in an imaginative and creative way, applying this knowledge in a real life context. Contracted to an 'engineering company', the learners will work as architects in design teams of 2-3, with the task of designing a drawing plan for a new bridge of the future to span the Clyde.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Subject knowledge gained and enhanced 
• Enterprising skills and attitudes developed (CfE) through team work in a real life context 
• Employability skills enhanced - application of knowledge in a real situation, developed understanding of job role of an architect, and working as part of a team 
• Confidence gained in working independently and being part of a team 
• Learners make effective contribution through roles and responsibilities in their design teams 
• Pupils take responsibility for their learning through making decisions, self and within teams

Relevance to curriculum

Supports Primary Art & Design /Science & Technology curriculum - the design process 
• Supports Primary : Language curriculum - writing 
• Relevance of design process and how this is put into practice in a real life context 
• Supports Careers Education

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