Structures - design and forces

This lesson will develop a knowledge and understanding of the basics and principals of bridge design engineering, through the eyes of the civil engineer, giving learners an in-depth knowledge in a 'real life context'. The learners will work as engineering partners to demonstrate the forces of compression and tension, and learn about three major types of bridges: beam, arch and suspension.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Subject knowledge gained and enhanced 
• Enterprising skills and attitudes developed (CfE) through partnership working 
• Employability skills enhanced - developed understanding of the job role of the civil engineer, how teams are formed and communicate, cooperation 
• Confidence gained in working independently and together 
• Knowledge gained applied to own bridge designs in next lesson

Relevance to curriculum

• Supports Primary Science & Technology curriculum and Careers Education 
• Relevance of how forces affect the structure of bridges and how this knowledge is applied to designs in a real life context

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