Clyde street theatre project

Learners will work in groups in order to create a piece of street theatre entertainment whilst considering  the theatre arts needed to make it interesting and exciting for audience of their choice e.g. senior citizens, primary or pre 5 groups, local event or tourism opportunity.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Subject knowledge gained and enhanced, e.g. experimenting with the media and processes of drama, using and adapting language suitable to the context, cooperating and communicating with others in a variety of drama activities 
• Enterprising skills improved by developing creativity, confidence, a positive attitude and consideration of others through group work and discussion 
• Developed employability skills: communication, organisation, researching, co-operating, contributing, presenting 
• Confidence of working independently from teacher-led sessions demonstrated by the learners ability to work in groups in order to create the drama and the pupils evaluation of the work and the process 
• Pupils take responsibility for their learning through making decisions about their research and the content of the final performance. 
• Learners have developed the four capacities of a Curriculum for Excellence

Relevance to curriculum

• Supports CfE Drama

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