Clyde animations

Learners will work in pairs to produce short animated films in the context of the Clyde. Learners will use digital cameras and animation software to produce the films on a chosen theme. They can use clay, paint, card or other model making techniques to reproduce moving Clyde scenes. Learners will be given examples of possible content but will be given creative freedom to choose animation theme. Pupils will be responsible for all artwork, photography and ICT.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Photography and animation skills developed and applied 
• Skills such as communication, planning, problem solving, negotiating, co-operation and time management skills developed 
• Decisions taken by learners about all aspects of their film 
• 4 capacities of CfE gained

Relevance to curriculum

• Supports CfE Expressive Arts, Language and Maths curriculum 
• This project is relevant to aspects of the above curricula as placed in a real context of film making, animating and storytelling

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