Yoker community campus

  • Yoker community campus

Lead Partner: Glasgow City Council and Yoker Resource Group

Other Partners: Scottish Enterprise Glasgow; Strathclyde European Partnership; Dumbarton Road Corridor Social Inclusion Partnership; Clydebank college.

Project Team: Glasgow City Council Building Services; Cornelius McClymont.


Project History
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Renfrew Riverside & Scotstoun, Yoker


The idea of Yoker community campus came from local people's desire to see the old Yoker school redeveloped as the centre of community regeneration in the area.

It was a core project of the shipbuilding task force initiative which aims to bring new investment into Scotstoun, Govan and surrounding communities, following the decline of the the local shipbuilding industry in the 1990s.

The campus provides a learning centre with offices, training accommodation, childcare support, an internet centre and café. The services offered by the campus complement the facilities of Yoker resource centre.

Current status:

The first phase of construction, to secure the roof of the building, was completed in 2003. The final contract for the campus started in the summer of 2004 and completed in 2006.


2003 - 2006


£2.3 million