Yetholm Street

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Lead Partner: Yoker Housing Association Limited

Other Partners: Cruden Building and Renewals

Project Team: Employer's Agent: Armour Construction Consultants Architect: Grant Murray Structural Engineer: Scott Wilson (Scotland) Ltd CDM Co-ordinator: Turner and Townsend Eco Homes Assessor: Turner and Townsend M and E Consultant: Ken Boyle Building Services Design

Project History
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  • Yetholm Street homes
  • Detail of the new Yetholm Street building


Renfrew Riverside & Scotstoun, Yoker


This housing association development  has 14 apartments including one wheelchair accessible ground floor flat. The majority are 3 apartment, 4 person flats. Three properties were developed for allocations by Yoker Housing Association, with the remaining twelve units  allocated to Glasgow Housing Association for nominations from clearance areas.

The development also incorporates new offices for Yoker Housing Association in a more central location. The building is fully wheelchair accessible..

As part of the development, Cruden Building and Renewals have regenerated the existing back courts at Speirshall Terrace, Kelso Street and Dumbarton Road

Following consultation with local residents, the development  includes grassed areas, shrubbed areas, new bin stores and drying areas.

Current status:



Completed Summer 2010