Watermark Business Park

  • Watermark at Pacific Quay
  • Watermark at Govan Road, Pacific Quay
  • Watermark is complete

Lead Partner: 3D Reid Architects

Project Team: Project Management: SRC Engineer: Bodin


Project History
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  • Warehouses on Govan Road will give way to a new business park
  • Demolition commences
  • Construction of the new offices begins
  • Construction continues at Watermark business park
  • Watermark under construction
  • One of the new office buildings at Watermark
  • Watermark at Pacific Quay
  • Watermark on the south bank of the Clyde
  • Watermark
  • Watermark is complete


Pacific Quay & SECC, Govan


Watermark Business Park is located immediately adjacent to Pacific Quay, with a strategic location ideal for both car and public transport users.  The development creates a range of 8 self contained office pavilions, ranging from 179m2 to 1,169m2, with the space over 2 or 3 storeys.

The pavilions are open plan in nature but also lend themselves to subdivision.

Current status:

Completed February 2009.


2007 - 2009


Around £11 million.