Film City Glasgow

  • Detail of the Film City building, the former Govan Town Hall

Lead Partner: Glasgow City Council

Other Partners: Scottish Enterprise Glasgow; Scottish European Partnership; Film City Glasgow; Private sector media industry.


Project History
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Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, Govan


The former Govan town hall on Govan Road has been refurbished  in 3 phases to create a base for facility and production companies in the film and media industries.

The business centre is designed to meet growing demand from film companies for good quality, low cost accommodation. The grade 'B' listed building has been converted in three stages and was completed in Spring 2009.

Film City Glasgow lease the premises from Glasgow City Council and manage the centre.

The project brings a historical building back into viable use.  It is located near Pacific Quay, which is set to become Scotland's premier digital media campus.

Current status:

Phase 1, the creation of an open-plan office and reception, is complete and is home to production company Sigma Films. Work on phase 2 commenced in March 2005, to provide a filming studio and a specialised post-production film facility including a Dolby Premier sound production studio, the first of its kind in the UK. Phase 2 was completed in August 2006 and is home to post-production companies Serious and Savalas, whilst the filming studio and production offices have been used for various productions including 'Outpost', 'Red Road', 'Hallam Foe', 'Stone of Destiny' and Channel 4's 'T4 Transmission'. The third phase of the building was completed in Spring 2009. This phase of the building will provide both long and short term accommodation for companies within the creative media sector.


Phase 3 was completed in spring 2009.


£3.5 million