South Portland St bridge lighting

  • South Portland Street suspension bridge

Lead Partner: Glasgow City Council

Project Team: Glasgow City Council Development & Regeneration Services. Designed and managed by GCC Land Services. Installed by Electrical Test & Inspection Ltd of Clydebank.


Project History
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Glasgow City Centre, Laurieston


As part of the 'Glasgow: City of Light' strategy, this bridge has been illuminated. The lights on the bridge are linked to the riverbank, where attractive white lights have been placed in 11 trees along Carlton Place.

The scheme is designed to highlight the beauty and architecture of the Grade A listed bridge and enhance Carlton Place, which is considered to be Glasgow's finest riverside terrace. A total of 576 white LEDs have been used to illuminate the stone piers on both banks of the river. A further 1848 red LEDs have been used to light up the bridge balustrades and suspension rods.

The lighting design is intended to highlight the elegant structure of the bridge. The red coloured lighting was chosen to enhance the red metal of the main suspension rope and vertical hangers. This ties into the lighting scheme on Glasgow Weir to the east, which also features red lighting onto its painted red metal structure, providing a contrast to the design approach taken with the stone road bridges across the Clyde.

The project was launched ahead of Radiance, Glasgow's Festival of Light. This took place in the Merchant City between the 25th and 27th of November 2005. Over the last five years, as part of the Council's lighting strategy, dozens of city landmarks have been illuminated.

Current status:



Autumn 2005