Sandiefield Road/Crown Street Towers

  • Sandiefield Road and Crown Street site post demolition and clearance
  • The cleared site, awaiting construction
  • Construction is due to start in 2014

Lead Partner: New Gorbals Housing Association

Project History
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  • The Sandiefield Towers in the Gorbals before demolition
  • Detail of the towers before demolition
  • The cleared site, awaiting construction
  • The cleared site, awaiting construction


Glasgow City Centre, Gorbals


Two tower blocks on Crown Street/Sandiefield Road in the Gorbals have been demolished in controlled explosions.

The 24-Storey towers were 69m tall and contained almost 400 flats.  They were completed in 1971.

The towers were demolished to make way for a new health centre, social housing and office accommodation.

The work is part of a £100m regeneration project by New Gorbals Housing Association aimed at transforming the Hutchesontown area.


Current status:

Demolition has taken place.


part of a £100m project.