Clydebank & Erskine regeneration projects

Clydebank College and Titan Crane

The Titan Crane

Redeveloped as a tourist attraction, the Titan Crane is an important symbol of the shipbuilding heritage of Clydebank.

Clydebank played a major part in the river's past industrial successes and the town has now made a further contribution to the waterfront's regeneration.

Spearheaded by the Clydebank Re-built partnership, the regeneration has reclaimed the disused waterfront and reconnected the river to the town.

At the Queens Quay Learning and Enterprise District Clydebank College's new campus has opened and business pavilions are providing accommodation for a wide range of businesses. New commercial space has been built, while leisure projects, such as the refurbishment of the Titan Crane have contributed to transforming the area.


Clydebank & Erskine

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Project Name District Category Status
Agamemnon Street Hospital Gate Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
Aurora House Queens Quay Commercial Completed
Boden Boo Community Woodland Erskine Public Amenity Construction
Canal bridge canopy Clydebank Town Centre Public Amenity Completed
Carus House Clydebank Town Centre Commercial Completed
Civic Quarter Clydebank Town Centre Public Amenity Completed
Clyde Gate Hospital Gate Commercial Completed
Clydebank College Queens Quay Public Amenity Completed
Clydebank East Workshops Clydebank Town Centre Commercial Construction
Clydebank town centre Clydebank Town Centre Public Amenity Completed