Clyde infrastructure

The right connections

Plans include new road and foot bridges to help link communities and ease traffic congestion. For example, the Clyde Arc, which opened in September 2006, is the first new vehicular bridge over the River Clyde since 1969, and is a crucial infrastructure component in the continued development of Clyde Waterfront. The Broomielaw - Tradeston pedestrian Bridge , known as the Squiggly Bridge, opened in May 2009 and will improve pedestrian links between Tradeston and the International Financial Services District (IFSD).

Other proposals include Fastlink - a tram-like bus system to serve the Clyde corridor from the SECC and a Crossrail project to link the south west of Scotland with the rest of the country.

A major development at the Kingston Bridge is the creation of the M74 - M8 interchange, as the new 5 miles section of M74 provides a vital missing link in Glasgow's motorway network.

By improving connectivity, we aim to lay the foundations of an effective transport network which will ensure the success of the Clyde Waterfront.