Doulton Fountain

This was one of the most popular attractions at the 1888 International Exhibition in Kelvingrove Park, a landmark event that attracted over 5.7m visitors.

The Doulton fountain is the largest fountain ever constructed in ceramic.

Queen Victoria forms the apex of the elaborate three-tiered structure. Below, four groups of figures represent the peoples of Britain's colonies  in Canada, South Africa, Australia and India. They are accompanied by four water carriers and four servicemen representing the Black Watch, the Grenadier Guards, the Royal Navy and the Irish Fusiliers. The inscriptions and figures on the lowest basin celebrate Glasgow.

Modelled by a team of sculptors, the remarkable ensemble was  presented to the City by Sir Henry Doulton. After some debate a site close to the west entrance of Glasgow Green was chosen. The fountain was positioned so that Queen Victoria faced the Justiciary Courthouse. The fountain was formally launched in August 1890. Speaking at the opening, The Lord Provost called it, ' alliance of the useful and beautiful'. Doulton emphasised, 'that here the artist has combined with the engineer in giving you a very beautiful work....It symbolises the greatness and glory of our empire.'

By the 1990s the fountain was in very poor condition. It was moved to its present site in 2005 following extensive restoration.

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